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A local meat company is carving a niche for itself by focusing on small farms and the treatment of animals. Reglan 10mg pills $115.00 instead of looking at the number of pigs in an operation, the owners reglan 10mg pills $115.00 of heritage acres dwell more on how the hogs are raised. The business is growing its business by marketing with buzz words like sustainability. The group also supports local farmers and promotes its regional roots. "[As of] last week we processed nearly 2 reglan 10mg pills $115.00, 800 hogs here per week, " said Russ Kremer, the businesses president.   "[When we] first started it was a pickup load at a time, 10 or 11 hogs per week. " In the mid-90's,   a handful of farmers started working together in Osage County Missouri, Russ Kremer was one of them. "I'd be out of business by now had it not been for an opportunity like this, " Kremer said. Heritage Acres though found its niche marketing to customers who like to think their pork had a happy life before it [reglan 10mg pills $115.00] wound up on the plate, or who want a more organic product. "We put in place some very rigid standards on how we feed them, what type of breeding their from, and how they're treated, " said Kremer. Some of the farmers for the group have more conventional farms though.   Still, those producers are supposed to work towards the group's overall goals. The Executive Director of the Missouri Pork Association, Don Nikodim, says the growing business doesn't mean there's anything wrong with more conventional methods.   For example, he says raising hogs indoors can better protect the animals from the elements. And modern agriculture is needed. "In terms of being able to feed the people of this world, tends to be growing, to do it with yesterday's technology just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, " said Nikodim. "There's not too many other businesses or professions that would continue to want to move backwards.   We want to move forwards and use technology that allows us to be successful. That's what we see modern agriculture doing. " "We believe small farmers like this can feed the world, " said Kremer. In Pleasant Hope, the operation means about 150 people have a job.   Kremer says those are workers that would not likely be around if the former operator continued to run the place on its own. And Kremer says smaller Missouri farmers can also fetch higher prices for pigs raised with less confinement, more comfort, and then sold to the company. "Our farmers in our system, on the average made nearly 50 dollars more per hog than their commodity neighbor, " Kremer said. The costs are high though, Kremer says the Pleasant Hope processing plant isn't making a profit yet.   Still, the group plans to grow it's operation in Missouri and focus even more on standing out in the pork industry. According to Kremer, the group is also a leading pork supplier for Chipotle.   The group also does business with Whole Foods.

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