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Does generic viagra work Wisconsin Ag Connection – 09/01/2010

Does generic viagra work Several Wisconsin farm groups have issued statements indicating they like what they see in Governor Jim Doyle’s new agriculture secretary. Does generic viagra work This week, does generic viagra work Deputy Secretary Randy Romanski was announced to replace the late-Rod Nilsestuen as the chief of the Department of Agriculture, does generic viagra work Trade and Consumer Protection.

Does generic viagra work The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation says Romanski’s extensive experience with agricultural and rural issues makes him the logical successor to ensure continuity for the industry and consumers.

Does generic viagra work “We at the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation wish to congratulate Randy Romanski on his appointment as Wisconsin’s Secretary of Agriculture, does generic viagra work Trade and Consumer Protection, does generic viagra work” WFBF President Bill Bruins said. Does generic viagra work “As Deputy Secretary he garnered our respect for his ability to resolve divergent viewpoints on issues.”

Does generic viagra work Dairy Business Association President Jerry Meissner said Randy will help dairy farmers make a seamless transition as that sector moves forward with important issues in the months ahead.

Does generic viagra work “As much we miss Rod’s leadership on the dairy issues that are so important to our farmers, does generic viagra work Randy’s appointment is good news because he has worked closely with the Governor’s Office and helped shepherd a number of these important issues through the legislative process, does generic viagra work” Meissner said.

Does generic viagra work And the Wisconsin Farmers Union stated that Romanski knows his way around government and knows the importance of taking reasoned approaches to problem-solving. Does generic viagra work Director Scott Schultz says his best quality is that he listens to people before moving ahead.

Does generic viagra work Doyle announced his appointment of Randy Romanski to head the state’s agriculture department on Monday. Does generic viagra work He will serve until January when Doyle retires from public office and his successor names his own new cabinet members.

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